MEMBER ACCESS: The Entire Talkin’ Science Fest is On-Line Now!

We'd made it 939 kilometers down the Newell Highway, carefully avoiding any hotspots - but as evidence emerged of spread across the country, the only practical move was to turn around and come home.

As over 92% of Australia, including us, remain unvaccinated from the 15 month old pandemic, the worsening Covid situation in New South Wales and cases emerging in our home state forced the ACT government to act – potentially barring us from entry anyway.

But, that’s the bad news – the good is that everyone of the people we had intended to meet and interview, agreed to shift to video calls. Everyone except Dr Graham Walker, whose practical demonstrations of a teddy bear cannon and other cool science experiments just wouldn’t be the same. Never mind, we’ll catch him again soon!

What this is all here to say is that Talkin’ Science Fest is ready and available for members – who have early access to all Trekzone podcasts for just $3.99 AU a month.

So if you sign up today you’ll have access to all five episodes of the festival, including:

Part One at The Dish – Honouring the Wiradjuri People

We’re kicking off Talkin’ Science Fest – a week long celebration of Australian space and science achievements – with the first of two parts looking at The Dish, the Parkes Radio Telescope. Last year it was honoured with the name Murriyang by the Wiradjuri people.

Diving Into Questacon’s Aim Of Promoting Science

Questacon has become the peak science education center in Australia, home to many fantastic exhibitions that can pack up into a truck and travel around the country. It’s seen over ten million people through it’s turnstiles since it opened in it’s permanent home in 1988, we’re thrilled to learn more as we continue Talkin’ Science fest…

Going Behind the Scenes At Tidbinbilla

We’ve been to Tidbinbilla in the past, but never inside the operations centre – until now. Team Leader Richard Stephenson is our guide as we continue Talkin’ Science Fest.

Part Two At The Dish – The Mega Radio Telescope with a Mega History

We’re back up at The Dish for this edition of Talkin’ Science Fest… John Sarkissian has beamed in to give us the low down on everything Parkes – Murriyang – is doing, and has done in it’s sixty year life…

Permission To Launch – Southern Launch Australia Gears Up

Talkin’ Science Fest wraps up today with an exclusive interview with Southern Launch’s CEO Lloyd Damp. A few weeks ago they were given approval for three launches from their new complex in Whalers Way, South Australia…

So become a member of Trekzone today, support us to keep making awesome podcasts like these and get early access and behind the scenes gossip!

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