Discovery Stars React to International Blackout

What a difference a few days makes in the corporate world. Just last week the crew were in London to promote the season four premiere, now they're sending out apologies to legions of fans...

Anthony Rapp, Blu Del Bario, Emily Coutts – just to name a few – have tweeted their disappointment in the executive decision to pull Discovery from Netflix just days before it’s highly anticipated fourth season premiere.

One can only help to wonder about the feeling of being sent on a promotional tour for your hard work only to see it yanked out from under millions of fans.

The news has been met with heavy, albeit futile, resistance from fans all over the world with on-line petitions being formed to return Discovery to Netflix and Paramount even trending on Twitter in Germany yesterday.

We must also remember the regions where there are no plans to launch Paramount+ – Greece, Turkey, Israel, Japan, Korea have now lost all legitimate access to Star Trek Discovery and as for the rest of us across Europe, Australia and New Zealand we’ll have to avoid the official accounts lest we be spoilt ahead of our 2022 premiere.

One question that still burns in my mind, as an Australian fan site, is why are we being penalised for the delay to launch in Europe? A question I don’t expect an answer to…

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