Wednesday, June 26 2024 01:13 AEST

Convergence Films – Finally

Crowd funded in late 2018 before besieged by setbacks and a pandemic, Sam Cockings has finally gotten the band together to film this highly anticipated fan film.

With 36 hours on set over a four day shooting period Sam Cockings has managed to complete the principal photography of his highly anticipated Star Trek fan film Convergence. The completely rewritten drama has set itself apart from what was originally funded for in 2018.

Sam told Jonathan Lane that there’s a few pickup shots to do to fully complete the photography of the project, which has been waylaid primarily due to the pandemic – but instead of just resting on the crowd funded money Sam set about utilising the time with Trek Shorts, which we’ve featured on Fan Films Done Right over the past couple of years.

Nick Cook got a special shout out from Sam in his chat with Lane for being the only cast member on set for all four days.

All this comes on the back of The 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards where the pair took home three awards including Best Collaboration for Pursuit of a Dream

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