Production Resumes on Picard Following Covid Outbreak

Production on Star Trek: Picard resumed on Saturday Australian time after a Covid enforced week-long break, with fifty members of the staff testing positive to the virus.

The crew returned to work in a reduced capacity, with showrunner Terry Matalas tweeting that “they’re back at it.”

COVID protocols have split the production into zones, but that didn’t eliminate the risk this time with reports indicating the infection spread across multiple zones, including cast in Zone A – those of whom, however, remain unidentified. According to Deadline, Patrick Stewart has not tested positive.

Whoopi Goldberg, who will be reprising Guinan for the second season, revealed on The View earlier this week that she too had tested positive, appearing via video call.

In 2021 both Discovery and Strange New Worlds had positive COVID cases during production, and Discovery also had to temporarily pause filming.

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