Trekzone Grows Year-on-Year : Ratings Report

The results are in, just one week from our return to programming, and boy howdy did we have a cracking year last year despite all the world threw at us!

Trekzone’s tweets were viewed 1, 362, 122 times across the three hundred and sixty five days of the year, with March seeing almost 350,000 people find us thanks to an awesome interview with Aaron Reynolds over at Swear Trek. We backed that up in May with live coverage of the Long March 5B booster rocket crashing back to Earth.

Despite our lockout of Facebook and Instagram due to their strong arming of the Federal Government’s media content laws back in February, we returned when things settled down in June and still managed to achieve 89, 845 views across the two platforms.

The year was spent pushing hard to achieve the ambitious 350 episode count to the determent of this website. The episode database fell below the line and eventually only became accessible by deep links – something slowly being resolved this month – but we still managed to chalk up 16, 518 page views from 13, 398 unique users.

Over on YouTube, where our attention was primarily focused in 2021, we smashed the goals set twelve months ago. With just shy of three quarters of a million impressions – 746, 183 – we grew the channel by 311 subscribers and had content being watched an average of 12 hours a day at 4, 628 hours watched for the year.

For a one man operation, those are some healthy stats… and continue the upward trend of year-on-year growth since I begin to really invest serious time into this hobby and if you’d love to help me out to put more time in, become a member on YouTube today!

See you in 7 days for the next season of Trekzone podcasting.

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