Announcing Resistance from Aaron Vanderkley

Hot on the heels of his appearance on A Trekzone Conversation last week, Perth film maker Aaron Vanderkley has announced the cast for his next Star Trek: Voyager era fan film.

Introducing Resistance…

When an archaeological expedition uncovers forgotten technology from the past, the crew of the USS Explorer are forced to face their worst fears in order to save the future of the galaxy!

Having appeared in Beyond the Sun and Outbreak, Kate Elder returns as the Captain of the USS Explorer, Fraser Murray returns to Aaron’s films – he previously played the Romulan Centurion in The Fall of Starbase One while Lt Mahoney from Line of Duty, Jesse Hislop also joins the cast. Both will be taking lead roles this time, and to round out the cast roster Rachel McCann will be taking the Ops position.

Fraser Murray
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