Strange New Worlds Bursts Out of the Barn as Picard Wraps it’s Second Season

We’re an incredibly lucky bunch of Star Trek fans right now, with five series in production. We’ve just been witness to the second season of Picard, and the very beginning of Strange New Worlds. Larry Nemecek – Doctor Trek himself – is beaming in to dive into all that and more on this Trekzone Conversation.

Dr. Trek hosts his backstage feature package over on every month and now that the end of pandemic is in sight, his tours of Star Trek location sites have exploded— with one for every niche and budget!

There’s a special Gene Roddenberry Centennial 2-day “origins tour” around Los Angeles the weekend before Vegas and then the day before the convention Larry along with Geek Nation Tours will be putting on a one-day “Kirk Memorial” tour out to the Valley of Fire, which we saw in Generations.

Cruisers can take a special Trekland Treks “Away Days” group tour in February next year —the day before sailing on Star Trek: The Cruise VI AND for the ultimate Trek location tour experience, Larry leads the “West Coast Away Mission” for Geek Nations Tour July 8-17, 2023 around Los Angles AND San Francisco with Trek celebrities.

Of course, you can customize a one-day Trekland Treks away mission on any spare day you have in Los Angeles — just check

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