Potemkin Pictures Celebrates Best Fan Film Studio At The 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards

Six weeks of pre-production culminated in the live stream of The 2022 Trekzone Fan Film Awards. Relive the winners in these special posts...

Through the golden age of Star Trek fan films a decade ago, several fans obtained their own warehouse sized space and set about faithfully recreating the sets of the original television series. From New Voyages – now an official set tour – in New York to The Neutral Zone, the current name of the home of Star Trek Continues and many other smaller outfits mostly concentrated on America’s east coast and central plains.

MTM and I decided that these fan attractions deserved recognition for not only facilitating production, but in some cases being the creators of them.

  • Ares Studios
  • Neutral Zone Studios
  • Potemkin Pictures
  • Warp 66
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