Saturday, June 15 2024 18:15 AEST

Fresh Strange New Worlds Takes Us Where We’ve Gone Before – But Bigger and Better Than Ever

As the build up to tomorrow's eagerly anticipated return of Strange New Worlds continues - lets talk about the first six that were sent to media, including Trekzone...

And while those seeking a return to 1966 are going to be disappointed, once again, those of us enjoying the journey and the metamorphosis of the “wild west” will be treated to some classic Star Trek storytelling. The first six episodes previewed in the Trekzone office were all character focused, allowing us to piece together reasons why we should care about these characters.

Carol Kane as the new Chief Engineer Pelia breathes some life into the human heavy senior staff, Paul Wesley as James T. Kirk also brings suave to the character that led the series in it’s formative years and while we’ve only met him in the first season finale in an alternate timeline, his addition to the ensemble doesn’t completely destroy cannon – with Larry Nemecek confirming that there is room to play in his recent visit to Trekzone.

Una’s genetically modified origin story is explored where La’an doesn’t escape unscathed, with that surname of hers. Chapel’s emotions for Spock are explored and we meet Klingons that prove that those Discovery monstrosities are to be forgotten about completely and forever more. Now Ensign Uhura gets a spooky episode to sink her teeth into as well so there is plenty of range and time for our crew to develop further.

Run times are up, creative juices are flowing and I can’t wait to deliver episode reviews once again to Trekzone…

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