Saturday, June 15 2024 17:14 AEST

Moving Forward

Following a weekend filled with conversations spurred on by the contents of a demand letter that was sent by a group of nineteen fan film makers, I feel an official statement is required in order to address these placated conversations.

I now understand the concerns of the group are that I have diluted Trekzone’s brand with a heavy dose of editorial and soapbox standing, since this website and podcast are a one-man-band. Many of the group are not pleased with the direction I have taken the channel and wish it to return to a neutral stance where I celebrate all fan films rather than focus on negativity.

And I agree.

As such the Fan Films Done Right subheading will be retired effective immediately, making way for CELEBRATING FAN FILMS in all future material. Additionally, we – MTM and Trekzone – will not be actively excluding any film from consideration in The 2024 Trekzone Fan Film Awards.

This statement is not in response to that demand letter, but rather the unified voice several members have had in conversations following – they made the difference here. To hear that people felt afraid or unwilling to speak to me in the months leading to this email ambush is hurtful and disappointing. I thought I had earned more trust than that.

If you disagree with something please get in touch, lets discuss it and I can guarantee I’ll listen to your point of view.

Now – on with the show.

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