Saturday, June 15 2024 17:41 AEST

Star Trek: Picard

New Key Artwork Released

The official website has just released a shiny new poster for Star Trek: Picard… Sir Patrick Stewart is back as Jean-Luc Picard, twenty years after Nemesis. We know that he’s

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Picard Gets A Showrunner

After months of speculation, CBS All Access today announced Michael Chabon would be stepping up to the responsibility of show runner for the Patrick Stewart-led next iteration of Star Trek – titled Star Trek: Picard.

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Star Trek: Picard Teaser

CBS All Access has released the first teaser for the next Star Trek series, and it’s intriguing, exciting and full of promise. A voice over speaks to Jean-Luc, reminding him

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Picard Is Back… In 2019

It’ll be twenty years exactly next year since we had two Trek TV shows on “the air” at the same time and now it seems the drought is about to

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