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Aussie Space Month : Pioneering Aussie Rockets

Gilmour Space on the Gold Coast is another pioneer of the Aussie space industry and they're powering ahead with

Remembering Grant Imahara

From electrical engineering, visual effects at ILM and Sulu on Star Trek: Continues. The man, the mythbuster, the legend

China’s Big Week as we Celebrate 45 Years Since the Apollo-Soyuz Docking

China's big week, NASA's directives for managing space contamination and an amateur astronomer's delight as planetary opposition takes shape

Planetary Opposition A Sight to Behold

The night time sky is turning on a treat for amateur astronomers with Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

NASA’s Directives to Prevent Space Contamination

It's a real concern in both directions of travel as we set our minds to further missions to Mars

China’s Big Week

China's space program has wrapped a busy week, launching three satellites into orbit from two launches. Dr Brad has

China’s Big Week as Planetary Opposition Inspires Amateur Astronomers : Talkin’ Science

As China launches three satellites in two weeks, NASA issues directives to manage space contamination and planetary opposition provides

Aussie Space Month : Designing the Next Gen Spacesuit

In early 2020 Human Aerospace, a South Australian aerospace company, was awarded a share of $11 million in grants

LIVE: Hungry Black Holes, Exomoons and Rocketlabs Failure to Launch

We're back live for another edition of Talkin' Science uncut. From hungry black holes to the loss of 7

Rocketlabs Stumbles At The Final Step

Over the weekend Rocketlabs - the US company aiming to provide fast and reliable access to space - had

6 More Exomoons Discovered

Astronomers studying data from the Kepler Space Telescope have discovered moons orbiting exoplanets. They're even harder to find because

A Hungry, Hungry Black Hole

Astronomers have made an astonishing discovery while spotting the largest black hole in the known universe. It's thirty four

A Hungry Black Hole as Rocketlabs Fails To Launch

Astronomers are being kept busy by new research into black holes and exomoons as Rocketlabs - the US based

Adelaide’s Own Mission Control : Aussie Space Month

It's Aussie Space Month all July (2020) here on Trekzone, and we're kicking things off with Dr Jason Held

Pluto’s Ocean, Black Hole Discoveries and the Fragrance of Space : Talkin’ Science UNCUT

Another week flies past here on Trekzone and now it's time to produce live the uncut edition of Talkin'

An Exoplanet Orbiting A Baby Star

NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has made a remarkable discovery while studying the baby star "AU Mic" -

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