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Uber Eats Pits Skywalker Against Picard – It’s The News

This week we bring you the Emmy's Nod for Rene and D.C. Fontana, Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill's Uber

Infiltrate Romulus – Trekzone Plays Star Trek: Away Team

We finally make it past the Wardens on the station after several episodes of struggling... time for a simple

Getting Past The Wardens – Trekzone Plays Star Trek: Away Team

We're still on the trading station trying to get past the Wardens to reuinte the team... what we uncover,

An Australian First Launch & You Could Win Your Way to the Space Station : Talkin’ Science

A white dwarf found with a giant planet orbiting every 1.4 days ... astronomers say it's like looking into

Netflix Confirms Discovery as Picard Wins an Emmy : The News

Netflix has finally updated their series page for Discovery, confirming an October 16 release. Meanwhile Picard won an Emmy

Paramount+ Is Born as The Mandalorian Sweeps the Emmys

As we gear up for Discovery's third season, CBS All Access announces it's becoming Paramount+ in the new year.

Reach The High Council – Trekzone Plays Star Trek: Away Team

We're back on Qo'nos to escort Ambassador Worf to the Klingon High Council, and an audience with Chancellor Martok. Subscribe

Venusian Discovery; A Giant Camera and Calls for a Space Treaty

Venus may contain life - or at least a complex molecule in the upper atmosphere... and scientists don't know

Rescue Ambassador Worf – Trekzone Plays Star Trek: Away Team (5)

Having thwarted the mutiny on the Incursion, and subdued the Borg threat - our Away Team beam down to

Talkin’ Lower Decks with Lee Sargent

It may not be out for the world, but we can still talk about it. Star Trek: Lower Decks

Guess Whose Back!? Plus Disco & Strange New Worlds News

It's time for the news. Discovery's third season trailer drops, but is it coming back to Netflix? Lower Decks mid-season

Mutiny on The Incursion – Trekzone Plays Star Trek: Away Team (4)

En route to Qo'nos to learn more about the Wardens intentions, several members of the Incursion crew are infected

Did We Just Catch The Making of A Black Hole? Plus Supernova Remnants and a Rusty Moon : Talkin’ Science

A faint detection at Ligo and Virgo points to the formation of an intermediate mass black hole. Scientists analysing

Home on Earth – Trekzone Plays Star Trek: Away Team (3)

Decrypting information captured on the Leyte Gulf, Admiral Nolotai orders the Incursion back to Earth to eliminate the alien

Your Streaming Profile and The State of Star Trek : Talkin’ Trek with Lee Sargent

In the beginning the large production companies sought to sell the streaming rights to their content to the highest

Discovery Casting News; Star Trek Day & The Mandalorian Returns : The News

Welcome to our second new podcast series in this premiere week on Trekzone. It's The News, your weekly bite

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