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Gary O’Brien Breaks Down The Holy Core Trailer

We've almost completed our run through March 2019, so it's time for one last episode in this season of

FIRST ON TREKZONE: Your First Look at Redemption at Red Medusa

Gary Davis is back on Trekzone with your exclusive first look at Redemption at Red Medusa - his latest

Intrepid – Another Fan Film Done Right

Nick Cook's been fan filming for almost 16 years now... his series Starship Intrepid is a top pick for

Joshua Irwin On The Avalon Universe

Joshua Irwin burst onto the Star Trek fan film scene at Halloween last year with his short film Ghost

Half A Decade In The Making : Sam Cockings on Temporal Anomaly

Go-to fan film VFX guy Sam Cockings swings by Trekzone to chat about his half-a-decade-in-the-making fan film Temporal Anomaly... It's

Opportunity Says Goodbye

The Mars rover Opportunity bid a final farewell to NASA last week following a devastating dust storm last June.

What Could’ve Been… The Axanar Only Alec Didn’t Want

Sometimes in life we become so involved in calling out the lies of others that it becomes a habit,

Talkin’ (One More) Short Trek with Lee Sargent

We were on a bit of a roll with these Short Treks episodes... so here's part two - we're

Talkin’ Short Treks with Lee Sargent

Lee's back, as the Talkin' Trek mini series rolls on. Today we're talking about the first three Short Treks

Talking Who With Rob McKnight

I've always been meaning to cover all the different flavours of SciFi out there, and when the opportunity came

The Latest On Axanar

Here's the second part to my chat with Axamonitor's Carlos Pedraza about the latest on Axanar... Please consider supporting Trekzone

Statistics, Facts and Changing Stories : The Latest On Axanar

It's been nine months since Carlos Pedraza joined the show to provide an update on the infamous Star Trek

Talkin Trek – The Original Series

Lee Sargent is back Talkin' Trek with me as part of a mini series highlight the series of our

Previewing Discovery’s Second Season

Eight time guest to Trekzone, Larry Nemecek is here to piece together all the tidbits of Discovery's second season

Updating The Holy Core

2019 is going to be a good year for Star Trek fan films, I can feel it! Sam Cockings

Science Never Sleeps

Three days into the new year and it's already time for a new Trekzone Conversation! I'm getting the jump on

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