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Astronomical Home Learning

Coronavirus has locked us down all around the world, but children need to keep learning. One of the easier

The Missing Link in Black Hole Sizes Found

Tiny black holes? Discovered. Supermassive black hole? Discovered. But how does one go from tiny to supermassive? Well, it seems astronomers

139 New Objects in Our Solar System

You wouldn't of thought it possible that a little over one hundred objects in our solar system could go

It’s Supermoon Wednesday

Happy Supermoon Wednesday everyone! Dr Brad Tucker and Matt are diving into this Talkin' Science story of the week. You can

139 New Solar System Objects on Supermoon Wednesday Week : Talkin’ Science

Welcome to another week of Talkin' Science and home isolation for much of the world. This week Brad and

Doug Drexler on The Orville

The man behind so many visual effects, illustrations, make up and gags behind the scenes Mr Doug Drexler is

Space Force’s First Launch

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, the US Space Force has overseen it's first launch. The military communications

OneWeb Files Bankruptcy

The main rival to Starlink has declared bankruptcy in the United States, but it seems like it wasn't just

SpaceX to Transport to Gateway

While NASA remains undecided on whether the Gateway station around the moon will actually go ahead, they've awarded SpaceX's

Space Force’s First Mission : Talkin’ Science

We're continuing our five-days-a-week podcasting marathon as the Coronavirus lockdown continues into it's second week here in Australia. Today,

Done and Dusted : Picard’s First Season

Dr Trek is back on Trekzone to wrap up the first season of the latest Star Trek series. Matt and

Orion Passes Critical Tests – Ready for Artemis I to the Moon

Our final story of the week sees Airbus quietly achieving it's targets with Artemis' crew capsule. Orion has survived

NASA’s Insight Lander Got Stuck

NASA's Insight lander on Mars ran into a problem a few months back after launching it's Mole module -

Crewed Dragon Still Set for May Launch

Despite the current global crisis surrounding the Coronavirus, NASA and SpaceX are continuing to work towards the late-May launch

Insight Gets a Whack : Talkin’ Science

As SpaceX and NASA continue to work towards their late-May launch window for the first crewed Dragon capsule, the

All About Experimental Petrology

During these uncertain times, it's important to keep our minds occupied and distracted from all the doom and gloom

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