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Melinda Snodgrass on Bruce Maddox, Star Trek and Her Books

It's a thrill to return to the roots of A Trekzone Conversation with an interview with a very talented

Happy Birthday Pluto!

90 years ago today Pluto was discovered - just the third planet to be found in modern times. While

New Information from New Horizon

New Horizon was sent off in 2005 to inspect Pluto with a stretch goal of flying past a Kuiper

The Cold War is Back on – In Space

For the first time, the US military has confirmed that it's satellites are being interfered with by Russian inspection

Trolling the Trolls

Last week YouTuber Ketwolski stumbled upon a little game some folks have been having with the vocal minority with

It’s Pluto’s Birthday

Plenty to talk about in today's Talkin Science with Dr Brad Tucker. We've got the details on SpaceX's latest

Starliner Has Bigger Trouble Than First Thought

Boeing is suffering at the moment, not only is their 737-Max aircraft grounded following two deadly crashes last year,

Solar Orbiter Launches to Study Sun

Complementing NASA's Solar Parker Probe and the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Hawaii is the latest addition to

SpaceX’s Rival Launches 34 Satellites Last Week

As astronomers focus on SpaceX's satellite internet delivery plan involving thousands of satellites, another company - OneWeb - is

More Internet Satellites Launch

SpaceX's Starlink project has some serious competition with OneWeb launching 34 satellites last week in it's effort it put

Parkes Found a Real Drag on Space-Time

The fabric of space-time got a little timey wimey - wibbly wobbly with the discovery of a spinning binary

Zooming in on the Sun

We've gotten our first detailed look at the surface of the Sun. Dr Brad Tucker and Matt Miller discuss

A Satellite Close Call

The crowded Earth orbit is posing serious hazards to spacecraft, with last week seeing the potential explosive destruction of

Headlines of the Week

In headlines this week, Brad and Matt reflect on the Spitzer Space Telescope and discuss NASA's goal post shifting

Bye Spitzer – Hello Spinning Stars

As we say goodbye to one of the four great telescopes of NASA - Spitzer - Aussie astronomers have

The Seasons So Far

It's a great time to be a Doctor Who and Star Trek fan, with both franchises on air at

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