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Dr Andy Thomas in 60 Seconds

Australia's first astronaut spoke with Trekzone back in 2016 about his journey with NASA. Hear the start of that

A New Star At The Center of The Galaxy

Welcome to another week of Talkin' Science here on Australia's unofficial home of Star Trek - now more than

Space Law – What Is It? And Do We Need It?

Space Law is essentially a treaty agreed upon back when the race to the moon was a hot button

Jason Isaacs on Discovery, Prime Lorca and the Fans

When Supanova rolled into Brisbane last weekend, there was a small chance we could spend some time with Jason

Remembering Professor Stephen Hawking

Last year, the scientific community lost someone very special. Professor Stephen Hawking's battle with Motor Neuron disease ended in

In 60 Seconds… The Research at Mt Stromlo

In 60 seconds hear more from Brad about the work they're doing at the Australian National University's Mt Stromlo

Supanova Week Continues with Amy Acker

Today's guest shot to fame in our genre through her characters Winifred Burkle and Illyria on Angel - twenty

In 60 Seconds… The 2003 Mt Stromlo Fires

In 60 seconds hear from Dr. Brad Tucker in this 2016 interview about the devastating 2003 bushfires that devastated

Australia’s East Burns, Mercury Transits & A Red Giant Mystery

Australia's east coast is today under intense observation as catastrophic bushfire warnings remain in place for much of the

Keeley Takes Over… And Chats with Deborah Ann Woll

It's Supanova week here on Trekzone, as we celebrate Australia's biggest convention rolling around to the Brisbane Convention and

Tatooines… They’re Real And They’re Out There!

Rajika Kuruwita is a Postdoctorate Researcher at the University of Copenhagen, having studied at the Australian National University. Her

Quantum Computing in 60 Seconds

Dr. Geoff Campbell and his team are researching quantum computing and the ability to send information in a quantum

Looking for Supernova Remnants on Earth

Nuclear Physicist Anton Wallner and his team are looking for supernova remnants on Earth, because it could hold the

You Saw The Moon Landing Thanks To The Aussies!

On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had just landed on the moon when the mission planned

Cygnus Captured; Exoplanets Collide & Tiny Black Holes Found : Talkin’ Science

A trio of interesting headlines for this week's show - including continuing coverage of Northrop Grumman's new and improved

Ready For Lift Off – Inside Northrop Grumman

This weekend marks a step forward for both the Antares rocket and the Cygnus cargo capsule from Northrop Grumman,

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