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Exoplanet Discovery, Fast Radio Burst Mystery & A Busy Weekend : Talkin’ Science Uncut

It's time for another installment of Talkin' Science uncut, produced live. Experience the stories of the week in full

A Busy Weekend of Rocket Launches

Last weekend was a busy one for low Earth orbit. Three private companies attempted to launch three separate rockets

Almost a Perfect Clone

Astronomers have stumbled on what could be mistaken for a clone of our own solar system. And while the

A Repeating Fast Radio Burst as We Find Almost a Carbon Copy of our Solar System

It's another jam packed installment of Talkin' Science this week. Dr Brad stops by with details of the fifth

Deep Space 43 Gets A Makeover

The Canberra Deep Space Communication Complex is part of NASA's communication network for spacecraft between the moon and the

Talkin’ Science LIVE : Mars’ Lost Rings as a Lunar Gateway Contract Is Awarded

We're back for another week of Talkin' Science UNCUT, produced LIVE across Trekzone's socials... It's an eclectic mix of stories

Proxima Centuari Gets Another Planet

In the closest star system to us, the closest planet to us lives. It orbits it's parent star every

The Curious Case of Fast Radio Bursts

Fast Radio Bursts are a relatively new discovery on the astronomical scene, first detected in 2007. Astronomers originally believed

Mars’ Lost Rings

Astronomers have been studying Mars' twin moons - Phobos and Deimos - and believe that a few million years

Mars’ Lost Rings as Fast Radio Bursts Pique Curiosity : Talkin’ Science

It's an eclectic mix of stories for this weeks Talkin' Science. Not only do astronomers think Mars had rings,

Feeding America : The Trek Geeks Reach Out To Lend A Hand

The Trek Geeks are holding a special livestream event on Thursday, June 11 with special guest Jonathan Frakes. Founders

Talkin’ Science Uncut : Dragon Lands, Starship Explodes and Aussie Astronomers Expand Our Knowledge

Last weekend was a monumental one for NASA's crewed spaceflight program, as America continues to show us the dichotomy

Aussie Astronomers Have Found The Universe’s Missing Matter

Aussie astronomers using the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder have successfully completed a two decade search for the universe's

Starship Explodes

While the crucial next step in commercial spaceflight for the American space agency was waiting for launch, SpaceX's Starship

Dragon Launches

Following a delayed launch into orbit, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are now on board the International Space

Dragon Launches as Starship Explodes : Talkin’ Science

What a monumental weekend of crewed spaceflight we've just experienced, as America continues to show us the dichotomy it

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