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A Dwarf Planet with a Giant Mystery as the Crew-1 Launch is Delayed

Welcome to our new day to Talk Science here on Trekzone. It turns out Ceres is geologically active with

Designing for Star Trek: Picard with Andrew Jarvis

Andrew Jarvis zooms into Trekzone on this edition of A Trekzone Conversation. Now, you might not recognise his name

Talkin’ Science LIVE and Uncut : Parkes Is A National Treasure As Starship Soars

As the Parkes Radio Telescope joins the national heritage list, SpaceX's Starship successfully flies and supernova '1987A' gives away

Starship Soars!

SpaceX has backed up their Crew Dragon success with the first flight of Starship... it flew, and landed, at

Bursting into the Universe

In 1987 a massive supernova erupted in the Large Magellanic Cloud.. now, it seems to have left behind a

Measuring the Ozone

The 2019 total lunar eclipse gave astronomers a unique perspective on the Earth's ozone layer... Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Measuring the Ozone as Starship Soars!

Astronomers use a total lunar eclipse to study the ozone, and find exoplanets. The 1987 supernova may have brought

Amazon’s Kuiper Approved to Compete with Starlink

The FCC in the US has greenlit Amazon's ambitious plans to compete with Starlink for global satellite internet dominance.

A Star Remnant Confounds Astronomers

Astronomers long thought the earliest stars had all died out, and the universe was on it's third generation of

Splashdown! Crew Dragon Returns

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are back on Earth following the successful test flight of the Crew Dragon

Checking in on Axanar

It's the Star Trek Fan Film that's been promised for five years. After putting our coverage aside for eighteen

Off to Mars, SpaceX Completes Demo-2 & Astronomers Baffled : Talkin’ Science

As Perseverance finally launches, SpaceX completes it's final test flight for Crew Dragon and a globular cluster of stars

Changing Things Up This Pawgust

It's time to change things up here at Trekzone. Find out why in this special edition. Subscribe to our YouTube

Demo 2 Astronauts Return Today as New Theories Emerge About Venus : Talkin’ Science LIVE

After several weeks in orbit, astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are set to return today about the Crew

Snapping Another Solar System

Accompanied by two giant gas planets, a very young Sun-like star has been photographed by the European Southern Observatories

Volcanic Venus

Once thought dormant, our other nearest planet - the one that's not Mars - has astronomers speculating that there

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