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Sam Cockings Teases Upcoming Fan Films

The guru behind Once More With Feeling's visual effects, Mr. Sam Cockings, is today's guest on A Trekzone Conversation

Discussing Stage 9 – The Fan Made Enterprise VR Experience

On Monday, I published an article about the fan made virtual reality experience that received a cease and desist

Catching Up With Dominic Keating

Star Trek: Enterprise alumni Dominic Keating was in Australia for Oz Comic Con's Brisbane convention last weekend and following

Firing The Phasers As An Enterprise Extra

Jim Moorhouse is a name you might not recognise but you'll spot him in a couple of episodes from

The Romulan War’s Australian Connection

The epic fan film attempting to tell the story of the Earth-Romulan War from the mid twenty second century

250 Sketches As Star Trek 365 Clicks Over To A Milestone

Who would've thought when I first brought Lee Sargent onto the show back in January, that we'd be back

Introducing A Trekzone Conversation

Welcome to the next podcast from Australia's FIRST Star Trek fan site... going boldly since 2003. A Trekzone Conversation continues

A Trekzone Conversation: First Two Episodes Recorded

Get excited because's next podcast series is in production, with the first two episodes recorded and entering post-production

It’s Time To Change

As I prepared to get the sixth season of The Trekzone Spotlight underway for a September 6 return, I

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