Wednesday, June 26 2024 02:15 AEST

A Trekzone Conversation

Doctor Who’s Back!

Today on A Trekzone Conversation, because we’re more than Star Trek, we’re diving into the forthcoming return of Doctor Who.

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Star Trek Reflections

The Star Trek family got a little bit smaller this week with the passing of two people who played an influential role in Star Trek’s genesis.

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Off World Discoveries

Europa’s the hot topic of the week, with news astronomers discovered Jupiter’s moon spewing massive amounts of water vapour.

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A New Star At The Center of The Galaxy

Brad’s got the details on a new star that’s been ejected from the black hole at the center of our galaxy, SpaceX’s Starlink project sending it’s latest batch into orbit and some remarkable finds about Martian weather…

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Remembering Professor Stephen Hawking

Professor Stephen Hawking’s battle with Motor Neuron disease ended in March 2018. Hear from Professor Tamara Davis, in her first Trekzone appearance, about how he helped shaped her life.

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