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Story Telling at NASA as Humanity Prepares to Return to the Moon

Liz Landau is one of those folks who has a cool job... she's a story teller at NASA's Jet

Cassini’s Final Images While A Meteorite Strikes Above Queensland

We Talk Science on Tuesday's here at Trekzone HQ when our favourite astrophysicist dials in to chat about the

Oh Captain, My Captain – Anson Mount’s Here!

From AMC's Hell on Wheels to striking it big in Star Trek circles as Captain Christopher Pike in season

Talkin’ Science – Week 25 2019

Astrophysicist Brad Tucker spends his days gazing upon the cosmos, wondering - among other things - how, where and

FIRST ON TREKZONE: Redemption at Red Medusa

Trekzone has been given the exclusive world premiere of Dreadnought Dominion's next Star Trek fan film, Redemption at Red

Visit The Space Station For A Month!

Episode #160 NASA has announced the International Space Station will open for space tourism as early as next year, with

Redemption at Red Medusa To Premiere FIRST on Trekzone

Friday will be a huge event in the Star Trek fan film community when Dreadnought Dominion premieres their latest

LIVE: From Idea to Premiere – The Holy Core

Trekzone's LIVE Fridays in June continue with a special look at three actual fan films that just got stuck

The Flakes of Jupiter

Every Tuesday here on Trekzone, we bring you another installment of Talkin' Science with astrophysicist, cosmologist and all round

LIVE EVENT: The Complete Axanar Saga

With the ability to go live now in Trekzone's arsenal, I've decided to use this scheduled "down time" to

Talkin Science – Week 22 2019

Brad's with me for our regular Tuesday edition of Talkin' Science. Today, we're diving into NASA's naming of the

1,665 Shots, 15 Episodes – The VFX of Discovery

Episode #156 I'm absolutely thrilled to bring Jason Zimmerman to Trekzone today. He's the Visual Effects Supervisor at CBS Studios

21 Weeks into 2019 And We’re Talkin’ Science!

Episode #154 Brad's back Talkin' Science. Today - SpaceX confirms the anomaly last month, Jeff Bezos unveils Blue Moon -

Production Wraps For Aaron Vanderkley

Episode #153 Perth film maker and multiple guest star on Trekzone, Aaron Vanderkley is here today to talk about his

Dissecting Trek with Dr. Trek – Untitled Picard and What We Left Behind

Episode #153 And finally, Larry and I dive into what we know about the Picard series - which still doesn't

Dissecting Trek with Dr. Trek – Lower Decks & Untitled Nickelodeon Animated

Episode #152 Larry and I are diving into the animated series that are also coming sometime in the next 12-24

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