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A Hot Start for Pluto

At the beginning of the solar system Pluto may have been bombarded by rocky material in much the same way as the inner planets. That means, according to researchers, there may be an ocean locked away under the surface…

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Starlink Tests Begin

SpaceX’s Starlink has put the call out for members of the public to test their network but the catch is only folks in the far northern hemisphere have access, but the speeds potentially on offer are astronomical..

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A Busy Weekend of Rocket Launches

Last weekend was a busy one for low Earth orbit. Three private companies attempted to launch three separate rockets into orbit – and while only SpaceX & Rocket Lab were successful, the Japanese attempt marked a step forward in their endeavour.

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Almost a Perfect Clone

Astronomers have stumbled on what could be mistaken for a clone of our own solar system. And while the discovery is yet to be confirmed, all signs are promising for this find.

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The Curious Case of Fast Radio Bursts

Fast Radio Bursts are a relatively new discovery on the astronomical scene, first detected in 2007. Astronomers originally believed they burst out from the supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies – but new measurements indicate that’s not the case…

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