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A Trekzone Conversation

TREKZONE LIVE | From Idea to Premiere : Aaron Vanderkley’s Beyond The Sun

Just shy of 2 years since he retired from Star Trek Fan Films, Aaron Vanderkley is back – and he’s giving Trekzone the world exclusive premiere of his return –

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Happy Birthday William Shatner

This week marks ninety orbits around the sun for the one and only Captain James T. Kirk. Of course, William Shatner is so much more than just that famous roles from the 60’s, so Larry Nemecek’s here to dive into it all.

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Peeking Behind the Eaglemoss Curtain

Ben Robinson is the man behind the Star Trek, Doctor Who, 007, The Orville, Battlestar Galactica, Marvel and DC collections at Eaglemoss. He’s giving us peek behind the curtain, revealing

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Kanyini Completes Critical Testing

South Australian satellite, Kanyini, has achieved another key milestone with the successful completion of its Environmental Stress Screening ahead of the satellite’s mid-2024 launch.

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