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The Pawsome Work of Guide Dogs Australia

Time for an intermission post as Pawgust 2020 continues. Here at Trekzone we're supporting this awesome cause and today

Russia’s Anti Satellite Tests

Russia says it's using new technology to perform checks on Russian space equipment, the Americans and the British claim

Another Fast Radio Burst Mystery

Another Fast Radio Burst has piqued the interest of astronomers with it's 157 day repeating pattern. It's today's Talkin'

January Sees Year-on-Year Rise as We Crack Into 2020

The first month of the new decade has seen some pretty exciting growth for this humble little website. We recorded

A Vampire Star System

A vampire star system has been found, hear this snippet from this week's Talkin' Science, or catch the full

Costly & Over Time But Launch of James Webb Is Getting Closer

Despite long standing scheduling pushbacks and cost overruns, the James Webb Space Telescope remains on target for a March

TESS Finds It’s First Tatooine!

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite - or TESS - has found a special kind of exoplanet. TOI 1338 b, as

New Year, New Studio

It's been a long time coming, but we're finally leveling up our quality control here at Trekzone. After several

Big Numbers for a Little Website

As all of the calendars tick over to the third decade of this millennium, we here at Trekzone are

Top 10 Space Stories of the Decade

As we race towards the end of another decade here on planet Earth our resident space and science guru,

Boeing’s Starliner Returns to Earth Following an Aborted Test Flight

Boeing's contribution to NASA's crewed spaceflight endeavours entered orbit on Friday following the successful launch of an Atlas V

Get Social With Trekzone! There’s Still Time To Enter Our Giveaway

We've now smashed 1.3m social media views so far this year, and there's still another 3 weeks left til

René Auberjonois’ Loses His Battle With Lung Cancer

René Auberjonois, on screen as Deep Space Nine's Odo, Boston Legal's Paul Lewiston and so many guest appearances, has

Celebrate Trekzone’s Huge 2019 With A Massive Giveaway!

2019 has been a massive year for Australia's unofficial home of Star Trek, not only have we grown our

D.C. Fontana Remembered

Trekzone is saddened to report the passing of Dorothy Catherine Fontana following a brief illness. Fontana was a trailblazer for

Something Is Coming… on Saturday

Get ready folks, you're in for a treat on Saturday morning... It's scheduled in our planner, the content is locked

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