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NASA News Roundup – SLS Booster and Cassini Provides Some Evidence

A couple of big stories happened overnight (Australian time) at NASA, here's a brief recap: SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM BOOSTER TEST

Water On Mars: The Continuing Research

NASA scientists have been using ground-based observatories to learn more about the water that flowed all over ancient Mars.

VALE: Harve Bennett is saddened to report that Harve Bennett has passed away at the age of 84. Harve came aboard Star

Dawn Spacecraft Approaches Ceres – Revolutionary Propulsion Powers Probe Towards Asteroid

NASA's Dawn spacecraft is using ion propulsion, which is more efficient than the traditional chemical propellant, to get around

Remembering James Doohan – The Original Chief Engineer

Our beloved chief engineer would've been celebrating his 95th birthday today. Sadly, he left us ten years ago after battling

VALE: Leonard Nimoy – The Passing of a Star Trek Icon

It's another sad day for the Star Trek community as beloved actor Leonard Nimoy has died aged 83, following

VALE: Maurice Hurley

Star Trek: The Next Generation writer Maurice Hurley passed away today at the age of 76. Maurice was born

Orion Set For Launch – A Revolutionary Spacecraft Set for Testing

Very rarely in human history has a brand new craft been so crucial to the future of manned exploration

Supporting Movember ’13

November is a great time of the year. For my friends north of the equator, it's coming into winter

A New Trek TV Series?

Bob Orci just told me they've had a meeting with CBS to revive @StarTrek on TV...This made me v

The Working Holiday – Visiting Tasmania; Australia’s Apple Isle

For three weeks I ventured around the "deep south" of Australia with a good friend of mine. We were Turns 10!

Welcome to the tenth year of Australia's first Star Trek fan site. A Brief History: It was a Thursday like any

News Roundup – Behind the Scenes Updates

Alot's been happening behind-the-scenes at since the April premiere of Into Darkness. Here's a breakdown: Convention Coverage I've decided to Receives 4 Stars!

As I continue to work on reviewing episodes today ... was visited by Eleanor Denver who reviewed the

Broken Bow Launches Sunday!

Surprise! Enterprise will launch on Sunday night (Australian eastern time.) First episode is Broken Bow, naturally... synopsis, cast & crew

A Week of Starting Things!

The rough cut of the season one finale is done... now It's time to get serious about production on

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