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The Final Seasons

After three and a half years, I’ve finally reached the final seasons of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. It’s been a massive effort involving more than 53, 000 images and

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With just a few months until the official birthday of Star Trek, I’ve got just enough time to wrap up the episodes reviews that started way back in September 2012

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Ratings Report: March 2016

March has been a month of growth for me professionally, personally and in my hobby – running this website. I’m extremely grateful to all those new people I have met

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Welcome back to the News section. Aside from a brief spurt of information as I tried out a WordPress approach early last year (see examples from the start of

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VALE: Harve Bennett is saddened to report that Harve Bennett has passed away at the age of 84. Harve came aboard Star Trek for the second movie – The Wrath of Kahn. In

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