A Private Little War

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On a scientific mission to Neural, the landing party discover the primitive population are being provided advanced weaponary by the Klingons…

The Trekzone Review

OK, helping Spock to regain consciousness is just crazy… slapping him hard!! This episode is very similiar to Friday’s Child with the Klingons trying to subvert a primitive culture… and another installment in the breaking of the prime directive that’s so rife in the back half of season two. Interesting Kirk mentions the “brush wars of the twentieth century.” It’s still going just as predicted…

Cast and Crew


William Shatner as James T. Kirk

Leonard Nimoy as Spock

James Doohan as Montgomery Scott

DeForest Kelley as Leonard McCoy

Nichelle Nichols as Nyota Uhura

George Takei as Hikaru Sulu

Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov

Guest Cast

Michael Witney

Nancy Kovack

Majel Barrett

Booker Bradshaw

Gary Pillar

Story By

Jud Crucis

Directed By

Marc Daniels

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