PROD # DS9189
EP # 16
TZ Release: 09/02/2019
US Airdate: 09/02/2019

A 300 year-old Bajoran ship comes through the wormhole. The only passenger on board claims to be the Emissary of the Prophets…

The Trekzone Review

As Sisko gives up his Emissary role all too easily to a former religious figure who’s just travelled forward in time, the O’Brien’s celebrate the good news that Keiko is pregnant again. When Worf found out his reaction was classic – seeing the horror in his eyes was priceless.

As this new Emissary shakes the foundations of Bajoran society – by asking everyone to return to their d’jarras, a strict caste based system – and of course Winn is there in the background pulling the strings…

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