PROD # ENT 119
EP # 18
TZ Release: 20/09/2012
US Airdate: 27/03/2002
Stardate c. Jan 2152

Enterprise is ransacked by four Ferengi. When Archer is taken hostage and woken up, he realises that the only way to regain control is to play to their greed…

The Trekzone Review

Originally, I had a big problem with this episode. But rewatching it I realise that there really was no break in canon here – the Ferengi have already been mentioned twice before indicating that they are operating in this region of space, and they never mention their species to Archer, T’Pol or Trip. Sure a report would be filed, but we never actually see first contact on screen so there’s no great ‘surprise’ moment ruined by this encounter.

This episode was great, a way of paying off on the excitement of the Ferengi (last seen in the 1999 DS9 finale) and Ethan Phillips as the lead was fantastic. Jeffrey Combs returning to the Ferengi makeup was great, and adds yet another character to his repertoire.

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