An Obol for Charon

EP # 04
TZ Release: 15/03/2019
US Airdate: 07/02/2019
Stardate 1834.25

Saru and Burnham’s relationship grows when the Kelpian is forced to acknowledge the reality of a deeply ingrained belief. Meanwhile, Pike receives new intel on Spock from a friend…

The Trekzone Review

Jet Reno’s back and giving Stamets a run for his money in the best scene so far this season, this series perhaps! An amazing debate about the use of “dirty energy” to get where we’re going.

Elsewhere, Doug Jones takes what we learnt about the Kelpians from Short Treks and enhances it with more backstory in thirty minutes then the entire first season which was great to watch, and Jones just smashed it out of the park.

Burnham and Saru’s moment mid-way through the episode was heartfelt, emotive and served to deepen their friendship – that Burnahm almost destroyed at the start of the show.

In the spore drive lab, in addition to the above scene, Reno, Stamets and Tilly bounced off each other trying to deal with the now-released-and-reattached-to-Tilly mycelial creature.

Tilly/May basically have closed the door on the spore drive and it’s lack of any mention in the future – no way Starfleet would allow continued use knowing that it was harming another dimension.

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