Barge of the Dead

EP # 03
TZ Release: 03/03/2016
US Airdate: 06/10/1999
Stardate Unknown

Following her death in a shuttle accident, B’Elanna discovers some truth about Klingon mythology. Finding her mother on the Barge of Dead heading for Gre’thor – Klingon Hell – Torres must confront her inner demons in order to save her mother’s soul…

The Trekzone Review

Come with me, if you will, into an episode about Klingon mythology with our half-Klingon engineer that hasn’t really had anything to do with her heritage since season two. This episode is just here… plonked into the top end of season six as if to remind us that our Chief Engineer is half of another species.

The lessons that B’Elanna learns here obviously don’t have much impact on her because later on in season seven she tries to change her baby’s genetic code because she will have the physical characteristics of a Klingon.

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