Battle At The Binary Stars

EP # 02
TZ Release: 27/09/2017
US Airdate: 24/09/2017

The Shenzou is joined by an armada of Starfleet ships to battle the Klingons at the Binary Stars…

The Trekzone Review

The pilot that is more of a prologue, part two and we’ve got action, character development and numerous crewmembers already dead and dozens of ships destroyed. These two episodes have all been to serve the character development of our first officer, Commander Michael Burnham, which makes it difficult for me to care about the destruction of the Shenzou – I just didn’t get to know her well enough.

Captain Georgiou was there one minute and gone the next — or is she? Again, what should’ve been a major character is lost and we only have the emotions of a Vulcan-trained Human to tell us how to feel. It all wraps up when we end cold with Burnham imprisoned for mutiny and no sign of the titular ship!

These writers are teases!

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