Behind the Lines (4)

PROD # DS9228
EP # 04
TZ Release: 27/11/2015
US Airdate: 20/10/1997

Sisko is relieved of command of the Defiant as the ship is sent on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, Kira’s resistance cell learns that the Dominion has found a way to bring the minefield down. Matters are complicated when the Female Changling arrives and pays Odo a visit…

The Trekzone Review

Here we go, the momentum is building as we reach the midway point of this six episode war arc. Sisko’s ‘promoted’ to Admiral Ross’ adjutant and is forced to send the Defiant on a very dangerous mission – many more to come in the next episode too.

Kira and Odo butt heads about how to resist the Dominion, and then the Female Changling arrives and complicates all sorts of matters by getting ‘it on’ with our Chief of Security.

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