Birthright: Part I

EP # 16
TZ Release: 21/05/2015
US Airdate: 22/02/1993
Stardate 46578.4

As the Enterprise assists with reconstruction efforts on Bajor, Worf investigates reports his father is still alive… meanwhile, an engineering incident causes Data to experience a vision of Dr. Soong…

The Trekzone Review

DEEP SPACE NINE in HD! This is what we are in for if, nay – when!? – they get around to remastering that series. This was a very exciting adventure for Worf, giving him some honourable background about his father. This episode helped our Klingon to see that there is more to being a Klingon than just duty and honour.

As for the B-plot with Data discovering his dreaming subroutine, it was sort of over shadowed by the more dominate A-plot especially due to that being a two parter… which meant it needed a lot of establishing time. But, it was great to see Data take another step forward in his development.

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