Birthright: Part II

EP # 17
TZ Release: 21/05/2015
US Airdate: 01/03/1993
Stardate 46579.2

Captured in the prison camp, Worf learns that the Romulans captured several Klingons at the Battle of Khitomer and forced them to live in the prison camp. The son of Mogh teaches the children about their culture.

The Trekzone Review

We soften the edges of the Klingons with some deep cultural back story thanks to children that know nothing of their true heritage… while Worf also gets a few lessons in his heritage and his father. Apparently Worf, in this episode, comes across as a racist…

I agree, but rather than that being a negative thing I rather see it as the fact that a Klingon’s hatred of Romulans is so ingrained that when he is presented with something that will challenge that belief he has to change it.

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