Blood Oath

PROD # DS9139
EP # 19
TZ Release: 05/05/2015
US Airdate: 27/03/1994
Stardate Unknown

Three old Klingons reunite on Deep Space Nine, seeking Curzon Dax with whom they entered into a blood oath to exact revenge on an enemy for killing the warriors’ firstborn sons…

The Trekzone Review

Having just completed The Original Series, this is a pretty exciting episode… although it built more of the characters of Kor, Kolloth and Kang than the Original Series ever did. It was another installment to build on the depth of Dax too, an intricate symbiont with a multitude of lifetimes not just the science officer we see each week.

We also fully embraced Klingon custom and culture here, hunting down and killing the Albino… but not everyone was happy with that.

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