Body Parts

PROD # DS9197
EP # 24
TZ Release: 23/08/2015
US Airdate: 10/06/1996
Stardate 49930.3

After Quark receives word that he’s dying, he sells his vacuum-desiccated remains to raise capital for his entry into the Divine Treasury. Meanwhile complications arise aboard the runabout Volga returning from the Gamma Quadrant with Keiko, Kira and Bashir on board…

The Trekzone Review

More Ferengi exploration, this time in death rituals, debts and contracts. Brunt, FCA, (as always) plays his role so humerously, but not overtly so. The plot of Quark breaking the contract and the FCA imposing sanctions on him will carry through to next season.

Meanwhile, Keiko becomes a little more involved in the main cast of the show as Kira takes on the O’Brien baby after an unfortunate incident with an asteroid. This allows Nana to show off her real-world pregnancy in the series, and not restricting her to mid-shots for nine months.

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