EP # 01
TZ Release: 12/03/2019
US Airdate: 17/01/2019
Stardate 1025.19

Picking up right after the season finale, Captain Pike beams over from the Enterprise and takes command of Discovery. Their new mission – to identify the source of seven mysterious red signals spread out across the galaxy.

The Trekzone Review

Interesting was one way to describe the first season – like all first seasons of Star Trek. I didn’t hate it, though I didn’t love it… but I did enjoy the ride – and it was certainly rewatchable, all at my own pace – rather than waiting for each new installment weekly.  I think that the show had a story to tell, but it got lost along the way and they limped to the finish line where we pick up season two.

And what a way to start, alluding to Spock joining our cast and Pike – who we only ever saw walking in the at-the-time unaired pilot – beaming aboard and within the first five minutes assuring our crew – and the viewers – that he’s no Lorca, and he won’t betray them. Beautiful.

Again, director Kurtzman takes us on a flight of fancy with his interior shot of the turbolift shaft – how can it be that big? And the cargo bay of the medical transport – how can it be that big!? And lets just gloss over the fighter-craft that Discovery seemingly had in the shuttle bay all this time. This was a great setup for the season to come, a righting of the ship in some ways and moving forward in others. Welcome back Discovery.

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