Captain’s Holiday

EP # 19
TZ Release: 27/07/2013
US Airdate: 02/04/1990
Stardate 43745.2

Ordered to take a vacation, Picard heads to Risa… where his relaxation is constantly interrupted. Eventually he joins forces with a woman named Vash to find a long lost artifact…

The Trekzone Review

Some more time for Picard to grow, and our first meeting with Vash. It was such a nice change of pace to have a cold open establish what is about to happen, rather than the Captain’s Log beating us over the head.

Convincing the Captain to take a vacation was an excellent tit for tat between Riker and Troi. Eventually with Riker’s coaxing, Picard sees that the senior staff will not give up until he leaves! And Riker’s setup asking for Picard to bring him back a Horgon!

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