Carpenter Street

PROD # ENT 163
EP # 11
TZ Release: 07/11/2012
US Airdate: 26/11/2003
Stardate Unknown

Daniels returns to tell Archer that he has discovered a group of Xindi building a weapon in Earth’s past. With Daniels’ help, Archer and T’Pol travel back to Detroit 2004 to investigate.

The Trekzone Review

We spend this episode mainly on the streets of downtown Detriot, 2004… and a follow up to the Xindi-Reptilian’s desire for a biological weapon against humans.

T’Pol could’ve had a chance to be as awesome as Spock in the 1980’s… but the writers never took full advantage. Having said that, the Burgerland drive through was an attempt that failed…

Good to see us back on the hunt for the Xindi after a couple of episodes off…

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