Chain of Command: Part I

EP # 10
TZ Release: 16/05/2015
US Airdate: 14/12/1992

Following the withdrawl of Cardassian forces in the Bajoran sector, Starfleet Intelligence picks up increasing chatter about a potential incursion into Federation space. Meanwhile, Picard, Crusher and Worf are reassigned to a top secret mission…

The Trekzone Review

It’s time to setup the next series in the franchise. The Cardassians are up to no good and it’s up to three of our senior officers to investigate just what the hell is going on. We get to see what the Cardassian uniforms look like in remastered glory (come on DS9!!)

Ronny Cox as Jellico is perfect casting, especially since he’s right at home playing some very villainous – or just misunderstood – characters… Senator Kinsey from SG-1 comes to mind.

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