Children of Mars

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Two schoolgirls at odds with each other find themselves sharing anguish as they witness the devastating Attack on Mars…

The Trekzone Review

Our first Short Treks out of the twenty third century, and our first look at the events that will shape Star Trek: Picard. For the first time, incredibly at episode number 768, we see civilian school life and the interpersonal relationships between children… obviously somewhere along the way the kids refine into the idealistic adults in Starfleet service…

The Attack on Mars is a turning point for the Federation, who has – at this point in 2386 – been jumping from one conflict to another, including with the Tzenkethi, Cardassians, Klingons, Dominion, Borg and yeap, even the Romulans. Further illustrating that Star Trek hasn’t been a rosy galaxy to live in since Kirk‘s day – but back then it was unexplored and scary.

We’ll learn much more about this day in Picard, but for a review – this episode was a nice opening to life after Nemesis…

Cast and Crew


Ilamaria Ebrahim

Sadie Munroe

Robert Verlaque

Joy Castro

Jason Deline

Andrea Davis

Story By

Kirsten Beyer

Jenny Lumet

Alex Kurtzman

Directed By

Mark Pellington

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