PROD # DS9264
EP # 14
TZ Release: 04/08/2016
US Airdate: 17/02/1999
Stardate Unknown

Returning from a conference, Odo and O’Brien are confronted by a Changeling who the Constable recognises as one of the hundred – younglings sent to explore the galaxy centuries earlier…

The Trekzone Review

Season seven of Deep Space Nine is shaping up to be about characters, even more so than what the series has been in the past. This time, Odo finally meets one of the hundred who he was told about in season three’s The Search. Unfortunately this Changeling’s experiences with ‘monoforms’ has been far less receptive than the Constable’s.

For Odo, I think this is the episode where he realises eventually he will have to go home to be with his people, so as to avoid becoming as jaded and resentful as Laas.

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