Cold Front

PROD # ENT 111
EP # 10
TZ Release: 12/09/2012
US Airdate: 28/11/2001
Sep 1 2151

A pilgrim passenger’s calculated act of sabotage saves Enterprise from destruction in a plasma storm, which leads a crewman to reveal his true identity…

The Trekzone Review

The Temporal Cold War, part two. We get some backstory (or is that future story?) about the Temporal Cold War, and how it may affect centuries to come. This was one of three standout episodes in the first season.

T’Pol’s constant denial of time travel gets annoying, especially when presented with the facts. Although, as she said “there is a difference between keeping an open mind and believing something because you want it to be true.”

Like a good boat of gravy, the plot thickens…

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