Court Martial

EP # 21
TZ Release: 04/02/2014
US Airdate: 30/03/1967

Putting in for repairs at Starbase 11 following a devastating encounter with an ion storm, Kirk is accused of criminal negligence causing the death of Lt. Commander Benjamin Finney…

The Trekzone Review

Kirk gets a new tunic and a court martial, another court martial – the second in the first season! These episodes is what makes it great to watch Original Star Trek every once in a while. One thing I wonder is why do all Starfleet court martial’s end up becoming witch hunts?

As for the “Jettison Pod” button, surely there’s a better place for it then right below the “Red Alert” button!! And abandoning ship just to prove a point? Wow, all 400+ crewmembers left the ship just so Kirk could prove he didn’t kill the Commander.

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