Critical Care

EP # 05
TZ Release: 09/05/2016
US Airdate: 01/11/2000
Stardate Unknown

The Doctor is taken from Voyager and put to work on a hospital ship, where the medical system is based on social status rather than medical condition…

The Trekzone Review

If you had to pick one character from the entire Voyager cast that has had the most exploration of their culture you would have to choose The Doctor, he is to this show what Spock was to the Original Series, Data to TNG and Odo to DS9. It’s almost a Trek clich? now, but Bob Picardo handles it so effortlessly that you forget you are watching the same ideas presented in a different way instead you are engrossed by the character and swept along the range of emotions with him.

This episode is just one of those times the spotlight is handed to The Doctor and he runs with it and tries to teach us a lesson or two about health care and wealth entitlement.

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