EP # 21
TZ Release: 03/08/2015
US Airdate: 18/03/1996
Stardate 49548.7

While trying to avoid Vidiian territory, Voyager takes a shortcut through a plasma drift. However when proton bursts begin to cripple the ship the crew must determine their origin…

The Trekzone Review

Voyager gets a bit of a shake up here as our crew try to avoid a couple of Vidiian colonies. Kim falls out of a hull breach and the first (and only) baby on Voyager is born and dies… but then they both get replaced by their phase-duplicates (is that what you call them?)

Sadly, this incident is never mentioned again and we just move on with our lives. Interestingly now both ‘TNG spin offs’ have a duplicate replacing one of the main characters (O’Brien on DS9 is the other.)

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