Death Wish

EP # 18
TZ Release: 31/07/2015
US Airdate: 19/02/1996
Stardate 49301.2

While investigating a rogue comet, Voyager beams aboard a fragment which turns out to be a Q… but not the one we’ve come to know. However, this rogue Q’s arrival sparks a deep division in the continuum.

The Trekzone Review

Q! Not much more to be said, but a very thought provoking episodes that gave us many comical moments but also managed to make us stop and think about our own mortality. What would you want to do if you had done everything there is to do, and now you had to just exist.

A very heavy concept that we haven’t associated with the Q until now. This kicks off a series of episodes that will help cement Voyager as part of The Next Generation-era of shows.

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