Despite Yourself

EP # 10
TZ Release: 28/01/2018
US Airdate: 08/01/2018

The malfunctioning spore drive lands the Discovery in the mirror universe, where the crew must learn to take on the personas of their counterparts in order to survive and find a way home…

The Trekzone Review

OK, so we’re off to the mirror universe – I think we all saw this coming. But instead of mirror universe eps before, this time we’re going to be staying a while so our crew might as well get comfortable – as comfortable as can be when you have to deal with back stabbing subordinates!

While the gathering of information crucial to their survival is conveniently collated in one place in a relatively easy mission, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed the constant peril and second guessing that would’ve come from having to react to every scenario (instead of knowing something already, they’d have to learn it and hope their mistake didn’t reveal their true identities.)

Having taken a break from reviewing Discovery for Trekzone, I think I’ve finally realised why it’s taking me so long to get through them: I’ve placed too much hope in seeing ‘Trek of old’ and I can’t do that any more, Trek must move forward to survive… this IS a good series and while I’m not 100% of it’s ranking in the Trek franchise, it is getting better – as the writers said it would.

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