PROD # DS9161
EP # 15
TZ Release: 08/07/2015
US Airdate: 13/02/1995

As the first joint Bajoran, Cardassian and Federation science mission attempts to establish a permanent communications link through the wormhole, a Bajoran prophecy warns of doom?

The Trekzone Review

And I’m back to episode reviews after moving into new digs… and this time we delve into Bajoran philosophy and whether an intrepretation from hundreds of years ago is indeed what is about to transpire. Meanwhile, the communications relay that will just be swept aside in a couple of years by the march forward of the Dominion is established here.

I think this episode brings Kira’s beliefs, and Sisko’s dealing with being the Emissary, back to the fore as our first officer realises that an ancient prophecy may in fact be true. Meanwhile, O’Brien and Gilora – one of the Cardassian scientists – deal with cross cultural differences for courting a love interest!

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