PROD # ENT 121
EP # 20
TZ Release: 22/09/2012
US Airdate: 24/04/2002

Having trespassed into the Tandaran military zone, Archer and Travis are held in a prison camp where civilian Suliban are routinely detained. Archer soon lets go of some preconceptions about Suliban when he discovers children are among the detainees… and he organises a jailbreak.

The Trekzone Review

The classic Trek formula… a science fiction problem that relates to an issue from Earth’s history. This Tandaran “detention camp” is identical to the internment camps in America during World War Two… and like the innocent Japanese Americans before them, Suliban are being held here for “their protection.”

I enjoyed this episode, like I have the whole season, the second time around – with a fresh pair of eyes. I’m all about adding layers to characters and cultures… and this one did just that for the Suliban – they are no longer the bad guys of the week.

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