EP # 05
TZ Release: 22/02/2014
US Airdate: 21/10/1991
Stardate 45156.1

A quantum filament disables the Enterprise leaving Counsellor Troi in command on the bridge, Picard with a group of prize winning students in a turbolift, Worf with Keiko in Ten Forward as she goes into labour and Data and Riker trying to reach engineering to restore power…

The Trekzone Review

A great, different, episode that gave us four plot lines wrapped up nice and neatly. The as-yet-unnamed Molly O’Brien enters the galaxy in this episode and Worf’s delivery would be mentioned during Keiko’s second labour aboard DS9. I think this is where Picard mellowed towards children, his attitude change is clearly indicative of that… this is the first of two times this season he’ll mellow considerably from the straight up Captain we’ve come to know.

I do have to wonder about the wisdom of just parking your ship in the middle of inter planetary space waiting for the next assignment to come around… couldn’t they have gone to a planet, a starbase … or something!?

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