Doctor Bashir, I Presume

PROD # DS9214
EP # 16
TZ Release: 10/11/2015
US Airdate: 10/02/2019
Stardate Unknown

Lewis Zimmerman arrives on the station to model a new EMH variant – the Long Term Medical Hologram – on Doctor Bashir, but when his parents arrive on the station a dark secret from Julian’s past is revealed…

The Trekzone Review

Bob Picardo delivers some zingers as both Dr. Zimmerman and the EMH, but the real crux of the story is about genetic engineering and how it’s bad at all costs… ever since the Eugencis Wars a few hundred-odd years ago.

Meanwhile Rom tries so hard to ask Leeta out on a date, only to be beaten to the punch by Zimmerman… but just when all seems lost he builds the courage, asks and is told yes!

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